Program information for parents and the audience

Dear parents and friends of FIRST® LEGO® League,
We would like to welcome you to the very first FIRST® LEGO® League Virtual Open International Greece. First of all, we would like to thank you for all the support and understanding this special year. Holding an event like that is very much challenging for both participants and the organizing committee, and without your help and continued support, none of this would be possible.

Our virtual event will host 200 teams from over 100 countries from around the world. More than 1,600 students and coaches will share all their hard work throughout this season and celebrate with others their accomplishments. To achieve that, more than 220 volunteers will also attend our event and help us give every single one of you the ultimate experience and the time of your life!

Our biggest concern is to hold a virtual event that offers you as much the same experience of an in person event as possible. All events and happenings will be displayed on a live stage and teams will meet with each other. We have even prepared for you a virtual pit area, where every team will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to us! Don’t forget to visit our website because your word this year matters!
You can choose your favorite team’s pit, vote and help them to win the pit area award!

Below you will find useful information about Live Stage happenings, shows and events that every viewer will be able to monitor. Short descriptions are included at the end of this document.

Kind reminder: All times are on (UTC)+ 3:00. If an event is displayed on a time not very suitable for you, don’t worry! Every single event will be recorded and broadcasted again, on a suitable time zone for every single participant or viewer!

Robot Game rounds will also be displayed for every team fan, a FIRST LEGO LEAGUE fan or just a fan of robots!

Visitor's Program - Live
Opening Day Thursday 24/06/2021
Time (UTC + 3:00) Details
20:00-22:00 Opening Ceremony
Competition Day -Friday 25/06/2021 Competition Day -Saturday 26/06/2021
Time Details Time Details
8.00-10.00 Opening Ceremony (R) 8.00-9.00 The Live Show #1 (R)
10.00-12.00 Pre Game -Stay Cool & Meet the teams-Part 1 (R) 9.00-11.30 Robot Game 1 & 2 Part 1
12.00-12.10 Let’s let things fall and see what happens - Noesis 11.30-12.00 Greek Cooking 1.1 by Thess_del_food
12.10-12.20 The Immortal Heroes of Science - Noesis 12.00-14.30 Robot Game Round 1 & 2 Part 2
12.20-12.50 Kids save lives
12.50-14.00 synthessis project w/ Unison @ NOESIS planetarium Thessaloniki 14.30-17.00 Robot Game 1 & 2 Part 1
14.00-17.00 Opening Ceremony (R)
17.00-19.00 Pre Game -Stay Cool & Meet the teams-Part 2 (R) 17.00-19.30 Robot Game Round 1 & 2 Part 2
19.00-19.10 Let’s let things fall and see what happens -Noesis
19.10-19.20 The Immortal Heroes of Science - Noesis 19.30-20.30 Parents Event
19.20-19.50 Kids save lives
19.50-21.00 synthessis project w/ Unison @ NOESIS planetarium Thessaloniki 20.30-21.00 Greek Cooking 1.1 by Thess_del_food
21.00-22.00 The Live Show #1 21.00-22.00 Teams Event -Saturday Night
Closing Day -Sunday 27/06/2021
Time (UTC + 3:00) Details
8.00-10.00 Opening Ceremony (R)
10.00-15.00 Robot Game Round 1 & 2
15.00-16.00 The Live Show #1
16.00-18.30 Robot Game Round 3
18.30-19.00 Kids save lives
19.00-20.00 The Live Show #2
20:00-22.00 Closing ceremony & Awards

Rebroadcast = (R)

Pre-Game -Stay Cool & Meet the teams

The time you will be changers is here and now! The chair of board of Eduact, Kostas Vasileiou accompanied by famous athletes hosts an event for all the teams. Every 30 minutes, 20 different teams from all over the world will join them to discuss innovationin education, robotics & sports.
The best warmup before the competition starts, as we want everyone to feel confident and cool.

Parents Event

A Parent’s role is crucial to a child's success. Behind every successful kid, is a mother and a father who believed in their kid’s power, possibilities and future, who invested time, money and all their hopes into it. A parent who put aside his/hers wills, wants and wishes. This event is for them, to honor and thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

The Immortal Heroes of Science

A video tour in NOESIS’ exhibitions which draws from the exhibits in the permanent and temporary exhibitions and casts light on some immortal personalities of science and technology.

Let’s let things fall and see what happens

In this short demonstration, Maria and Petros observe objects that fall freely in the air and inside/through plastic and metal tubes. They observe their motion, they notice the differences, and they explain how gravity works and how the electromagnetic forces acting on objects in certain conditions can produce unexpected phenomena.

synthessis project w/ Unison @ NOESIS planetarium Thessaloniki

A mix of electronic music by Unison and a tour of Noesis and its marvellous exhibitions.

Greek Cooking 1.1 by Thess_del_food

What's cooking? Authentic Greek food of course! Thess_del_food are hosting the best cooking show! All the secret ingredients and instructions to make the most tasty Greek food wherever you are around the globe!

Kids Save Lives - A NEW ERA IN FIRST AID

In Kids Save Lives we believe that anyone can save a life. Kids Save Lives is a new Greek humanitarian club whose goal is to train and educate children referring to rescue, through innovative programs and new technology.

Time zone: The program is set in Greece, Athens time zone,current Offset: UTC/GMT +3 hoursOnce again, thank you for your continued support!