eduACT- The Organisation for Future Education
"Creating a Better Tommorow with Quality Education and Innovation"

The Non for Profit Educational Association eduACT - "Action for Education", eliminates the limits of the formal education of today and introduces new educational programs for all the children of tomorrow. Within its six-year mandate in the field of non-formal education and especially with an emphasis on new technologies, coding and educational robotics, eduACT takes initiatives in the field of modern education by implementing practices aimed at introducing innovation into the educational process.

With a vision of creating a better tomorrow with quality education and innovation provided to the children of today, eduACT emphasizes to the equal participation of all social groups in programs that shape young people with leadership characteristics and social sensitivity. Thus, with the help of a large network of volunteers with passion for their subject, as well as the assistance of teachers, entrepreneurs and academics from all over the world, actions were created through which children excel and cultivate their knowledge, broaden their horizons, discover science and technology in the most entertaining way and, above all, acquire valuable skills for their social life. Self-esteem, teamwork, cooperation, mutual respect, understanding of the other’’ help to consolidate peace, equality, freedom and justice.

For this reason, Eduact plans and accomplishes actions all over Greece, that promote discovery-based learning through the FIRST® LEGO® League educational research and innovation competitions FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge, Explore and Discover. This is the first year that Greece hosts a global FIRST® LEGO® League event so we are planning to make it one to remember.


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